link ke blog baru..

link ke blog baru..
tekan gambar untuk ke blog baru.. :)


ayusyah ~! i will miss you ;((

yusyah, we cant let u go.. u are my fren you know ! remember ta, bilik iron ;) we together wif wani study together ryte.. at 1 nyte,we ryte a letter to ustzh marzilah kan.. asek tuka ketas jerk, huhu;)eating(walaupon ta dbenarkan), talking tyme prep,,you story us about ur dormate..fawae,aimi, n more.. we plan to diet ryte? i remember ur words "gemok itu menawan" haha dependslah kan~ futhermore, who want to teach US barab any more ?! why you must go? dun worry,i had prepared u a gift.. hope u dont throw it k..i know it's very cheap by you, but please value the gift by ur heart yeah :( indon,it soooo far you know ~! dont forget us here k..we never forget u as u remember us,, put us in ur heart k..u're our fren earthly n eternity for ever..

weeca:)i remember that name !hope you success there.. pray for our success in pmr k, one batch yeah:) if there u can call us, call la eyk,, weeca saranghae! :(

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